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Wrigley Dunn

Chief Furnancial Officer

Wrigley has been Stephen’s right hand man since Graphix Solution started in 2014. He does his best work for the company remotely for his home office where he lounges around most of the day, but does barking loudly often at the UPS and FedEx delivery professionals.


His hobbies include walking jobs sites, riding in the car to appointments and porch time. He is also very passionate for the three P’s – Pizza, Peanut Butter and Popcorn.

Leo and Barley Kuist

Department of Chewing & Receiving

This golden duo are the ultimate team players.  Barley and Leo are new to the industry, but despite it they’re eager to please and retrieve. Barley is an energetic, free spirit and lover of pinecones, snuggles, and yoga. 

Leo on the other hand, gets down to business.  He is a go getter, who demands all of your attention.  He particularly enjoys chewing on important documents and toilet paper.

In their free time you can often find these guys paling around town or imitating bear skin rugs.

Bogey Joyce

Opawations Manager

Since joining the pack, Bogey has made it his mission to be a leader at his job. From retrieving product thrown in the yard, to greetings all around, he gives it his all.

At the end of the day, he can peacefully rest and dream he’s a motorcycle.

Iris lehning

Paw-ffice Manager

From retrieving packages to chewing shoes, Iris is a talented pup that enjoys belly rubs and a spread of snacks. Being the gatekeeper of the house just like her human in the office, Iris takes pride in customer service. 

When Iris is not working, you can find her in the park watching squirrels.