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Considering Signage For Your Business? Here Are Some Best Practice Tips

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Signage should be a integral part of your marketing plan. Created and planned properly, your sign will accurately reflect your business' brand, identity and purpose. With a well thought through placement strategy, your sign will have the potential of connecting with large audiences. Because such a considerable impression can be made, its paramount to examine the following points when beginning your signage project.

Your Sign, a First Impression

The Hope Center Sign
Photo Credit: Graphix Solution

The design and feel of your sign should be unique and stand out while appealing to your target market. Sometimes unaware, many people and potential customers put more value and trust into an business simply based on an attractive visual aesthetic. The more professional your sign design looks, the greater positive public perception.

Less is More

Your initial instinct when planning your sign design may be to include a lot of information about your business. However, too much information coupled with just seconds of time a potential customer will spend looking at your sign, may result in ineffective message delivery. Too much information can result in "visual clutter." When determining the wording and content of your sign, keep it simple. Limiting your sign to your business name/logo and a great tagline is often more impactful than a sign containing too much copy and other visual elements.

Size Matters

MedFirst Primary and Urgent Care Sign
Photo Credit: Graphix Solution

Determining the size and scale of your sign will depend on its intended placement. Get to know your environment and take a look at your business from different viewpoints. It's important have the assurance that your sign will be readable from your potential customers' visual perspective. Many times this "point-of-view" is not considered and signage may be created and installed resulting illegibility at targeted impressionable distances.

Materials and Construction

The substrate, the type of material from which your sign will be fabricated, is an important choice when shopping for signage. Substrates include materials like aluminum/metal, plastic, foam, wood, etc. Depending on the location, one type of substrate maybe better than the other. At Graphix Solution, our experts can help you make that determination.

Local Signage Regulations

While determining size, it's also imperative to understand the local rules and size allowances of your area. In most instances, there will be permits to file and applications to submit to gain approval for your sign installation. Our team at Graphix Solution handles all research and manages the permitting process for all our clients.

Financial Investment

Obviously, there's a large range of material and sizes which will impact the overall cost of your sign. Keep in mind, if your sign is designed, fabricated and installed properly, it has the potential of generating a generous returns on your investment with these benefits lasting for years.

In summary, before investing in signage for your business, take the time to consider the above mentioned factors. A sign that will get results will incorporate your brand and marketing strategy as well as attract and welcome customers to your place of business.


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