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Mistakes to Avoid When Sign Planning

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In many instances your signage may be the first thing customers and potential customers see when either entering or passing by your establishment. It's important that these initial impressions created by your signage, set an attractive, enticing and welcoming tone.

Your store or business signage can significantly impact public perception of your company. Quality graphics, design, construction, maintenance and location are factors to consider when planning your signage solution.

Below are a list of common mistakes to avoid which could undermine your efforts of increasing your brand awareness and presence with the use of signage:

1. Unqualified Sign Installers

Proper installation is critical in order for your sign to withstand the weather, outdoor elements and proper functioning. Always be sure that your sign is installed by knowledgeable experts.

2. Low Readability

Your sign's placement and appearance is essential for creating effect brand awareness. But, also equally important are your sign's content and readability. The font, color, text and logo size, and distance from the viewer, should always be considered when trying to maximize brand exposure.

3. Improper Materials

Use of correct materials in your sign's fabrication is crucial. The environmental factors of your business's location should be considered. This information will help determine what kind/type of materials to use which will withstand any identified conditions and maximize the lifespan of your investment.

4. Visual Obstacles

The primary reason for adding signage to your business' location is to boost visibility and awareness of your store. While planning, be sure to take into account any structures, trees or other visual obstacles that could compromise the view of your sign. Make sure that the determined location of your sign can readily been seen from a number of possible angles.

5. Clashing Colors

Your sign and logo, along with your color scheme should set the tone and catch the eye of potential clients or customers. While bright colors tend to be noticable from a distance, too much intensity can be distracting and visually uncomfortable. An exceptional sign will consist of a harmonious color palette along with a strategic contrast of lettering or text.

In summary, it's always important to be mindful when sign planning, that the visual elements incorporate your brand values, business personality, in an attractive and inviting way. Be sure to also schedule regular maintenance for your sign, which will be sure to extend the life, physical integrity and it's appearance for years to come.

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