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What are "Halo" Lit Signs?

Here You'll Learn What's A-Glow...

In the signage industry, the term HALO lighting can be described as illumination added to metal or acrylic (plastic) lettersets from behind. This application of light creates a soft glow which creates a visually attractive contrast and presentation of the sign.

Halo Lit Exterior Sign | Graphix Solution

Halo lit letters can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Some of the most common places halo lit signs can be found are on storefronts like office buildings or restaurants, office lobbies and at wayfinding stations.

Most halo lit signs offer several options in light color and some even offer programmable options. They offer 24/7 illumination that stands out from the crowd leaving an impressive impact. These signs can range in size from as small as three inches up to sixty inches tall and between one and six inches deep, depending on the material. All halo lit signs offer several convenient options for mounting and installation.

For more information or to request a quote on a halo letterset for your business or organization, you can click the contact us button below. Also, check out our gallery page where you will find more examples of halo lit signage which we have provided to our satisfied customers.


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